Second-rate productions for people on welfare

Angry Bald Guy Productions has been around since the late 1980s, and in that time we've actually learned a few things despite our best efforts. What started as a mobile 24-track digital recording studio has morphed into a full-time recording studio in the Evil Underground Location.

Demo and full recording sessions are available at attractive prices (well, we like them). Please contact us to discuss your needs and goals, and receive a quote.

We use quality equipment from ABG | Avid | Alesis | Technics | dBx | Sony | A.R.T. | Samson | Tascam | Audio Technica | Mackie | Pioneer | Behringer | Yamaha

What else can we screw up? Conversion of your old demos and most analog formats to CD or MP3 | Creation of BluRay/DVD discs from VHS, LaserDisc, camcorder formats, or other media sources

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